University of Vermont

Board of Trustees


Table of Contents

I -University Mission, Goals, Vision and Identity

  1. University Mission, Strategic Goals and Vision
    1A. Mission and Vision of UVM
    1B. Amplifying Our Impact: Strategic Vision for UVM (approved May 15, 2020) 1C. Strategic Capital Planning

  2. University Identity
    2A. Overview
    2B. Registered Trademarks
    2C. University Seal

II - Governance Documents

  1. University Charter and Statutory Provisions
    1A. University Charter
    1B. University Statutory Provisions
  2. University Bylaws
  3. Bylaws of the UVM and Vermont Agricultural Boards
    3A. UVM Board Bylaws
    3B. Vermont Agricultural College Bylaws
  4. Resolution Regarding Delegation and Retention of Board Authority
  5. Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws
  6. Student Government Association Constitution
  7. Graduate Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws
  8. Staff Council Constitution and Bylaws
  9. Associated Directors for the Appointment of UVM Student Trustees, Inc.

III - University and Board Officers

  1. University Officers and their Responsibilities
  2. Board of Trustees Nominations Committee Operational Guidelines
  3. President
    3A. Presidential Performance Review Policy
    3B. Presidential Compensation Policy and Guidelines
    3C. Annual Review Subcommittee Policy and Procedures

IV - Trustees

  1. Trustee Appointments
  2. Trustee Responsibilities, Statement of
  3. Conflicts of Interest
    3A. Conflict of Interest Policy
    3B. Conflicts Disclosure Form
  4. Loans to or Guarantees for Trustees and Officers
  5. Trustee Indemnification
  6. Trustee Expense Reimbursement Policy and Guidelines

V - Board Meetings

  1. Meetings
  2. Public Comment

VI - Board Committees

  1. Committees
  2. Committee Charges
    2A. Audit Committee Charter
    2B. Investment Subcommittee Charge

VII - Board Operations

  1. Board Policy Manual
  2. Guidelines for Selection of University Trustees
  3. New Trustee Orientation, Trustee Development, and Board Self-Assessment
  4. Trustee Access to University Resources
  5. Strategic Plan of the Board

VIII - Institutional Policies

  1. Campus Community Policies
    1A. Our Common Ground
    1B. Statement of Commitment and Expectations in the Workplace
    1C. Equal Opportunity 1D. Campus Safety and Security
    1. Hazing
    1E. Conflict of Interests and Conflict of Commitment Policy
  2. Academic and Educational Policy
    2A. Academic Freedom
    2B. Diversity
    2C. Posthumous Degrees
  3. Student Life
    3A. Residency Policy
  4. Financial and Investment
    4A. Cash Management and Liquidity Policy
    4B. Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives
    4C. Debt Policy
    4D. Endowment Budget Policy
    4E. Endowment Administration Fee Policy
    4F. Investment of Endowment Cash Policy PDF
    4G. Quasi-Endowment Policy
    4H. Proxy Votes and Shareholder Resolutions
    4I. Wilbur Fund Investment Management Agreement
    4J. Underwater Endowment Guidelines
    4K. Red Flag Rule Program PDF
    4L. Code Conduct and Ethical Standards Policy
  5. Facilities and Land Use
    5A. Campus Master Plan
    5B. University-Owned or Leased Land for Telecommunications Facilities
    5C. Natural Areas
  6. Development
    6A. Gifts Policy
    6B. Investment Policy and Objectives for the Planned Giving Program

IX - University Operating Procedures

  1. The President's Official Residence
  2. Honorary Degrees; Commencement Speaker

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