University of Vermont

Board of Trustees

Introduction to the Board Policy Manual

A hallmark of an effective board is the common and individual knowledge derived from trustee orientation and education. As one means of ensuring those goals, the UVM Board of Trustees instituted a Policy, Operations, and Planning Manual (“Manual”) by resolution effective September 9, 2006.

The Manual provides new trustees with important information about the University, including its mission, identity, goals, and governance structure; Board composition, officers, membership, committees, and operations; and policies and plans approved or adopted by the Board. The Manual also serves as a reference resource for continuing Board members. Finally, as a public document, the contents of the Manual are accessible to interested members of the University community and the public.

The Manual is established under the authority of the Board and maintained by the Assistant Secretary of the Board in consultation with and under the direction of the Board Chair. When considering the adoption of new policies, the Board will be guided by general principles that include the following: (1) policies will be broad, enduring statements supporting the mission, principles, and long-range strategic goals and plans of the University, or addressing matters of Board self-governance and operations; and (2) policies and related guidelines will encompass and advance the fulfillment of the fiduciary responsibilities of the Board. Before it takes final action upon proposed policies, the Board will consult with University officials, governance groups, and others when input would be helpful or appropriate in view of the matter under advisement. The Board reserves the right to revise or revoke policies, guidelines, and plans compiled in the Manual and to approve or adopt new policies, guidelines, and plans in due course.

Independent of this Manual, the University maintains an Institutional Policies Website that includes policies approved by the President and other institutional officers, as authorized by the Board.

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