University of Vermont

Board of Trustees

Vermont Agricultural College Board

Vermont Agricultural College Board

The twenty-five members of the Board of Trustees of The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College are appointed in four ways. In odd-numbered years, three members are elected by the Vermont General Assembly for six-year terms, and the nine trustees so chosen constitute the Board of the Vermont Agricultural College established in 1865. Officers of the Board consist of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary, all of whom are elected at its annual meeting in May.


Tristan Toleno (chair)
Shap Smith (vice chair)
John Bartholomew (secretary)
Kevin Christie
Johannah Donovan
Curt McCormack
Carol Ode
Samuel Young

Agendas & Approved Minutes

September 25  
May 15  
January 31

October 25
May 17
February 2

October 27
May 18
February 2

October 21
May 19
February 4

October 21
May 21
February 6

October 19
May 16
February 7

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