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Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole

When convened by the Chair of the Board of Trustees (“the Board”), or by the Board upon appropriate motion, all Trustees shall sit as a Committee of the Whole to enable the Board as a Board to give detailed consideration to a matter or matters under conditions approximating those of a Committee of the Board. The Chair of the Board shall preside over meetings of the Committee of the Whole.

The Committee of the Whole shall take no action on behalf of the Board other than the referral of recommendations for action to the full Board, which may include the recommendation that the Board authorize referral of a matter or matters for consideration by, and recommendations from, a Board Committee.


Chair Ron Lumbra, Vice Chair Cynthia Barnhart, Secretary Curt McCormack, Briar Alpert, David Aronoff, John Bartholomew, Otto Berkes, Robert Brennan, Kevin Christie, Frank Cioffi, John Dineen, Johannah Donovan, Carolyn Dwyer, Suresh Garimella, Jodi Goldstein, David Gringeri, Donald McCree, Carol Ode, Ed Pagano, Phil Scott, Shap Smith, Berke Tinaz, Tristan Toleno, and Samuel Young

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