University of Vermont

Board of Trustees

Budget Finance and Investment Committee

Budget, Finance and Investment Committee

The Committee shall have responsibility for overseeing the development of strategic, long-range institutional financial plans and related plan objectives. It shall engage in ongoing assessment of the current and long-range financial status of the institution.

The Committee shall oversee the formation and approval of annual budgets. It shall oversee the creation, implementation, and periodic review and revision of financial, treasury, investment and debt management policies.

The Committee shall review, and make recommendations to the Board regarding student tuition and fees.

The Committee shall retain investment managers and financial advisors as necessary and desirable in the conduct of its work.

The Committee will exercise its charge in a manner consistent with University governance, including the Board’s reserved rights and delegations of authority.


Don McCree (chair)
Briar Alpert (vice chair)
Suresh Garimella (ex-officio)
David Aronoff
Robert Brennan
Kevin Christie
John Dineen
David Gringeri
Ed Pagano
Tristan Toleno

Jane Knodell (faculty)
Terri Donovan (faculty)
Bob Plante (foundation)
Myron Sopher (alumni)
Joshua Tyack (staff)
Renée Berteau (staff)
Lana Al-namee (student)
Sophie Smith (student)
Aayudh Das (graduate student)
Avery Rasmussen (graduate student)

Agendas & Approved Minutes

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October 20
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February 3*
*Joint Meeting with the Educational Policy & Institutional Resources Committee

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