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Board Governance Work Group

Board Governance Work Group

The Board Governance Work Group, established in October 2017, is charged with evaluating potential changes in the composition of the Board of Trustees that can help UVM advance its mission in light of the opportunities and constraints facing the University.  The Work Group will seek input from all Trustees, as well as any other relevant constituents, and submit a proposal to the full Board for its consideration.  The Work Group will be assisted in its work by Association of Governing Boards consultant Carol Cartwright. Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel, and Senior Advisor to the President, Sharon Reich Paulsen will serve as Liaison to the Work Group.


Frank Cioffi (Leader)
Ron Lumbra (ex-officio)
David Aronoff
Carolyn Dwyer
Bernard Juskiewicz
Shap Smith
Tristan Toleno


April 18
February 19

October 24
January 30



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