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Board of Trustees, Chair's Report

Deborah H. McAneny
Board of Trustees, Chair’s Report
February 6, 2015

We have a very full agenda today so I am going to keep my comments very brief.

This morning, among other things the Educational Policy & Institutional Resources (EPIR) Committee will be reviewing a proposal to approve a new minor in Musical Theatre and will hear a report of progress on Academic Excellence Goals 1 and 2 which call for increasing the percentage of undergraduate students graduating in four years and improving undergraduate student retention in years 1-4. The Budget, Finance & Investment Committee (BFI) will be doing the annual review of the Debt Policy and the annual review of net assets.

The afternoon has been left open for EPIR Committee members to attend the BFI Committee session for an update on the all-important Incentive Based Budget Implementation, as well as the discussion relating to the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) funding plan, and the authorization to move forward with the General Obligation Bonds.

As you are all aware, the STEM facility is a major element of the President's Strategic Action Plan and an important strategic priority for both the University and the state of Vermont. We have been reviewing preliminary designs and programming and highlighting this project frequently over the past year or so. The leadership of BFI and I have also met several times since our last meeting with President Sullivan, Provost Rosowsky and Vice President for Finance Richard Cate to review and discuss the STEM funding and liquidity plans. These discussions culminated in the proposal you have before you today. I want to strongly encourage all the EPIR Committee members to attend BFI for this very important meeting.

Let me also take just a moment to recognize our retiring Trustees. There will be more to come on this topic tonight and tomorrow morning, but please join me in thanking our five retiring Trustees: Chris Bray, Carolyn Branagan, Dave Potter, Raj Thakrar, and Mark Young. Thank you all for the work that you have done to help us move forward during your terms.

We also have a new Trustee-in-waiting, who will begin his term on March 1st. Our new student Trustee, replacing Raj Thakrar, is David Brandt. David is a sophomore from Underhill,Vermont where he attended Mount Mansfield High School. He's a senator of SGA serving on the Academic Affairs Committee. And I hear he is very passionate about Vermont and UVM. David can you please stand to be recognized. We welcome David and look forward to working with him. David will be joined by three new legislative trustees and a gubernatorial trustee who will be chosen later this month.

This concludes my Chair's Report.

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