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Welcome to the University of Vermont Board of Trustees website. These pages are intended to provide you with a direct connection to the Board's meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, current committee assignments, and contact information.

The Board of Trustees has full legal responsibility and authority for the University of Vermont, including entire management and control of property and affairs of the university. The Board of Trustees sets and approves policies, budgets and strategic planning. The Board also appoints the president of the university.

The Board of Trustees at the University of Vermont consists of 25 members (9 legislative, 9 self-perpetuating, 3 gubernatorial, and 2 students; the Governor and the President of the University of Vermont serve as ex-officio members during their terms of office). Each member serves a 6-year term, with the exception of the student members who serve 2 year terms. All terms begin on March 1.

In odd-numbered years, three members are elected by the Vermont General Assembly for six-year terms, and the nine trustees so chosen constitute the Board of the Vermont Agricultural College established in 1865. In even-numbered years, three members are elected to six-year terms by a self-perpetuating board of nine trustees who constitute the Board of the University of Vermont founded in 1791. Three trustees are appointed by the Governor of Vermont, one during each odd-numbered year. Each year, one of two students who serve as trustees is selected by the Associate Directors for the Appointment of The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College Student Trustees, Inc., for a two-year term.

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